2 Tips for Choosing a Great PHP Development Company

Many website owners are looking for php development company to help them with their projects. But how do you know which php development company is great and which php development company is not so great? In this blog post, we will talk about 2 of the things that make a php development company great!

1. Expertise in the PHP Development Field: A great php development company must have experience in developing or modifying PHP code for various types of websites. Why is this important ? Because php development companies who have experience will be able to better understand your website needs and improve the final product.

They will have important experience in php coding which can help you to quickly finish php projects, especially if you need a project completing quickly & releasing to the market quickly.

They should have expertise in all aspects of software engineering including programming languages, operating systems, databases, web servers and frameworks such as Symfony2 or Laravel4. But specifically the php development company should have experience in the field of php coding most appropriate to your business needs.

2. Strong Security Practices: The security standards employed by a php developer determine whether your data stays safe on your site. php development companies that work with sensitive customer data should have a secure application firewall and strong encryption technology. Why is that important ? Because php development companies that do not have this technology could easily allow the bad guys to break into your site and steal private information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, and other sensitive data. The reputational risk to your business in this sort of security breach could be catastrophic.

They should have in place the highest possible security measures to protect php development projects for businesses in any industry where data protection is important & particularly where it is regulated . php development companies who use security best practices will keep your project safe from those bad guys on the internet!

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